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Hot Sell PMK ethyl glycidate CAS 28578-16-7 Pmk Powder

Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico
28 Cancun Soledad de Graciano Sánchez Quintana Roo 77516 MX





Wickr: candywu


Our Advantage


  1. Weijer International Trade (Hebei) Co., Ltd.  mainly provides chemical products.We have strong technical force, advanced equipment and a complete product line.


  1. Professional manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Pharmaceutical Ingredient and chemical products  (orders range from milligrams to tons).


  1. We have sufficient inventory and safe delivery to your door.(Including customs clearance,Convenient customs clearance via special shipping line)


  1. We usually ship By air OR sea ,and ship the goods 1-3 Days After Payment confirmed.And usually received the goods 7-10 days


  1. If the product you need is not in the list, please contact us and tell us the product and CAS number; contact us to get best price.


Hot Selling Organic intermediates

PMK Oil Cas 28578-16-7

Bmk Oil CAS 5413-05-8

Bmk Oil CAS 20320-59-6

BMK OIL 718-08-1

2-Bromo-3′,4′-(methylenedioxy)propiophenone CAS 52190-28-0

Methylamine hydrochloride CAS 593-51-1

Dimethylamine hydrochloride CAS 506-59-2

Trimethylamine hydrochlorate CAS 593-81-7

4, 4-Piperidinediol hydrochloride CAS 40064-34-4

1451-82-7 2-Bromo-4′-methylpropiophenone

79099-07-3 N-(tert-Butoxycarbonyl)-4-piperidone

N-Phenylpiperidin-4-amine CAS 23056-29-3

N-tert-Butoxycarbonyl-4-anilinopiperidine CAS 125541-22-2

Procaine CAS 59-46-1

Benzocaine CAS 94-09-7

Lidocaine HCl CAS 73-78-9

Tetracaine CAS 94-24-6

2-bromo-4-methylpropiophenone CAS 1451-82-7

Ropivacaine CAS 84057-95-4

Tadalafil CAS 171596-29-5

BDO / 1, 4-Butanediol CAS 110-63-4

2-(benzylamino)-2-methylpropan-1-ol CAS 10250-27-8

2-(benzylideneamino)-2-methylpropan-1-ol CAS 22563-90-2

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